8 Amazing Benefits You Get With Raw Potato Juice

Did you know that with potato juice you can fight inflammation, increase your energy levels and strengthen your immune system? Just take it twice a day to get your benefits.

The potato is one of the most consumed vegetables in the world, not only for its versatility in gastronomy but because of it’s a source of essential nutrients that provide benefits to the body.

75% of its composition is water, but also contains starches, antioxidants and other substances that give it interesting properties.

In the culinary aspect, they are usually cooked, either incorporated in soups or prepared in puree and other delicious recipes.

Nevertheless, at the medicinal level, they are used in their raw state, almost always in juice, since it is the best way to obtain the maximum their benefits.

In fact, many incorporate it into their diet plans as it is a great alternative to prevent and treat various diseases.

Bearing in mind that many still do not know what is good, in the next space we want to share their 8 best applications.

1. Acts as anti-inflammatory

Natural raw potato juice has powerful anti-inflammatory compounds that make it a natural remedy against muscle and joint pain.

Adding it to the diet controls the imbalances in the inflammatory processes of the body and, in passing, exerts an analgesic effect that provides relief from different types of pain.

2. Stimulates detoxification

The antioxidant compounds that are concentrated in this natural drink are useful to stimulate the elimination of wastes that are retained in the liver, colon, and kidneys.

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Their contribution of fiber, essential vitamins and minerals improves the processes that are responsible for filtering the blood to remove the toxins that travel through the stream.

On the other hand, it is free of cholesterol and promotes good circulation to all cells of the body, which is key to prevent premature aging.

3. Strengthens the immune system

The raw potato juice compounds are alkaline in nature and, after being absorbed, control the level of acidity in the blood.

These properties balance the body’s natural pH and decrease the risk of developing various types of chronic diseases that often occur in acidic environments.

It also provides significant amounts of vitamin C, a nutrient associated with building and strengthening the body’s immune system.

This means that, when ingested, they reduce the chances of getting viral infections such as flu and cold.

4. Combat the drop

Consuming two glasses of potato juice every day is a helpful remedy for patients with accumulation of crystals of uric acid in their joints.

Its antioxidants stimulate the cleaning of this substance retained in the tissues of the body, avoiding that it generates inflammation and pain.

In addition, since it promotes the renal cleaning, its ingestion prevents the formation of stones and obstructions.

5. Combat indigestion

Both indigestion and acid reflux can be combated with a small amount of raw potato juice.

Just take a couple of tablespoons after each meal to decrease:

  • The feeling of heaviness.
  • Excess production of acidic juices.
  • The inflammation.

Many even use it as an alternative therapy for gastritis, flatulence and stomach ulcers.

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6. Protects cardiovascular health

By its ability to improve blood circulation and regulate cholesterol levels, this organic beverage is also a great ally of cardiovascular health.

Ingestion reduces inflammation, optimizes heart work and reduces the risk of chronic conditions such as hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

7. Increases energy levels

People who consume a small amount of this natural juice have an increase in their physical and mental performance during the day.

Its starches and natural fibers increase energy expenditure and contribute to improved productivity.

8. Combat dandruff

The direct application of potato juice on the scalp is an effective solution against yeasts that cause dandruff.

Its antifungal agents inhibit the growth of fungi, regulate the natural pH and favor the deep cleaning of the mane.

By the way, hair receives essential nutrients that promote healthy growth and shine.

How to prepare raw potato juice at home?


To prepare this natural juice you only need two or three ripe potatoes, without outbreaks or blackheads, as these can be toxic because of their solanine content.


  • 3 potatoes
  • 1 glass of water (200 ml)


  • Peel the potatoes, cut into several pieces and mix with half a glass of water in the blender.
  • After obtaining a drink without lumps, divide it into two shots (half a glass each) and consume it in the morning and at night.
  • Optionally you can pass the vegetable through a juice extractor so you do not have to combine it with water.

As you can tell, this natural potato juice is an effective solution to many health problems.


Keep in mind its benefits from now on and do not hesitate to start consuming it.

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