Advices For Looking over Baby Teeth

There is a tendency for parents to treat baby teeth as being dispensable since we all know there will be a second set of adult teeth replacing them anyway. However, baby teeth  are important and are necessary to serve several functions.

Advices For Looking over Baby Teeth

This is why we need to take care of  baby teeth  and make sure they last until the adult teeth (permanent teeth or secondary dentition) are ready to come through.

The first of the permanent teeth do not appear in the mouth until a child is about 6 years old and the last permanent teeth (not including the wisdom teeth) will appear by about 12-13 years. Therefore a child’s primary teeth need to last anywhere between 5-12 years. To ensure that they last, parents need to help children look after their teeth and inculcate good oral hygiene practices from young.

The Functions of Baby Teeth

1. Biting and Chewing

The most obvious function of the primary teeth is obviously for biting and chewing food.

2. Nutrition

Children need to eat a wide variety of food to gain a healthy eating .

A child with limited teeth or one who is experiencing discomfort from tooth decay may refuse foods or limit food intake to those that can be consumed easily or with minimum discomfort. Chewing a variety of textures also stimulates the oral environment and exercises the jaw muscles.

The ability to bite and chew also helps to break up food into more easily digestible pieces and allow for better digestion of food. As the food is being broken up by the teeth, it is also mixed with saliva containing enzymes that begin the digestive process. A child that swallows too rapidly without chewing the food adequately will prolong the digestive process.

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3. Speech

Teeth are necessary for the articulation of certain sounds. Young children who are still learning how to speak properly need their teeth to help them form words and speak clearly.