Strengthen Your Weak and Brittle Nails In 5 Ways

In today’s article we will present you some natural solutions that will strengthen your weak and brittle nails.

1.Soak your fingers in warm olive oil

Soak s your fingernails in warm olive oil for 20 minutes. Then massage your nails with circular motions to help incorporating the oil into the nails. When you are done with that, wipe off the excess oil with towel.

2.Coconut oil

Coconut oil is considered to be the best remedy for improving your nails health.Coconut oil contains saturated fat that moisturizes our nails and protects them from infections.

Apply coconut oil directly on your nails and massage them for 10 minutes. Repeat this twice a day.


This herb is high in silica which is an essential mineral for strong and healthy nails.

Add 2 teaspoons of dried horsetail in a glass of warm water and cover it to stay for 10 minutes. Then soak your nails in it for 15 minutes.

Also, you can drink a cup of horsetail tea a day and improve your overall health.


Beer is an amazing home remedy for skin issues, hair and nails. It is rich in potassium, phosphorus and selenium which are important for our hail health. When we mix it with apple cider vinegar and olive oil we get a powerful remedy for brittle nails. All you need to do is soak the nails in this mixture for 20 minutes twice a day.

5.Lemon Juice Swipe

You can also use lemon juice for treating brittle nail. Soak a cotton ball in a lemon juice and swipe your nails with it. Massage them gently and leave them for 10 minutes before you wash your hands with warm water.

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